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as of late [Saturday
April 21st, 2007
wow it's been a long time livejournal.

last week my grandmother died. my memere, i went to her funeral today. it was horrible, i was a blubbering idiot and in the eulogy she was compared to valium, cause she has a calming and soothing effect on people and makes them forget about their pain. which is pretty accurate. and she used to sing all the grandchildren to sleep to the tune of the battle hymn of the republic.

i think my dad is in a manic stage again. he's been speeding lately and he wants to breed my cat for extra cash flow. big wtf. and yesterday i couldn't get home so i didn't have a change of clothes for the funeral, but my dad was home so i called him and told him to bring me my purple shirt and i told him where it was and everything but nooope. instead of bringing the right one to my grandmother's house so i could actually change into it, he brought a red halter top to the church. cause i can toadally change in the car and wear a halter top to a funeral.

in nine days i turn eighteen. in a month and a half i graduate. and at mcdonalds in two months we're getting turkish students & kazahk students and i'm trying to keep the kazahks at my house, hopefully that works out.
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August 16th, 2006
[ mood | cranky ]

i worked today, it was pretty shitty. nicolay wasn't there. so sad. we had this one guy order a quarter pounder and a small vanilla shake, and when he got his order he took the sandwich out of the box and threw away the bun then put the meat & condiments in his own little plastic dish then proceeded to dump his shake in the dish and then mixed it all up. disgusting. we watched the instant replay on the camera circuit in the office, we noticed akop was standing in the same place for over a minute and didn't move at all and was just staring at the guy the whole time. hahaha.

i'm so pissed off right now. when i came home from work i went into my room and my computer that was on my desk was gone. my brother stole it and took it to his friends house, without telling me & reformatted it. so now everything i had on it is gone. i called him and yelled at him and he's like "you had over a year to save things" but it hadn't turned on. and he's like "well you had like a month" yeah, i've been fucking working full time. i don't have fucking time but my lack of time doesn't mean you can steal sentimental things from me. i had like 1,000 downloads on my old kazaa that i wanted to keep. as well as my first conversation with sheila from like four years ago. we were so fucking stupid then, i think we still are, but i wanted to remember that and have it. there was a bunch of other stuff on it but i probably shouldn't think about more cause i'll just get angrier and that never fixes anything.

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August 15th, 2006
[ mood | loved ]

soo i finally got my license back. it was a few days ago, pretty sweet. except i went out to concord when i first got it back (i had had it less than an hour) got pulled over. it was for the tailight so nothing happened, but still, the copper saw my record and saw that it was my first night of driving after a twenty day suspension. laaame.

so i talked to my daddy about getting a car because right now my mom and i have to share one, and it's not really working out because as of right now she goes to two church services a day. and i was telling him if he wants her to get a job, i need my own car cause our schedules are never going to work out. he agreed with me, but he said he wouldn't let me buy the wigger's car. so he made me clean out my brother's old one, the one that's been sitting in our drive-way the last year cause it hasn't been able to start. so the other day i opened it up to clean it. yeah, mold everywhere. and so much garbage, there's a stench that i can't get rid of and i've been worrying about my passengers getting an infectious disease from my upholstery. yeah, the only people i drive around anymore though are foreigners. i feel so bad when they have to walk to work or anywhere else in town, and the other day i heard what can happen if i don't give them a ride.

one of the russians hitchiked the other day. omg. he is lucky to be alive, he got picked up by this cocaine addict. who drove 120 down the middle of the highway whilst snorting coke. poor nicolay. i love him so much. i think i'm going to try to seduce him. shhhhhh. :D

friday i'm going to the beach with murat & nick! it's going to be amazing. pictures to come later, you'll probably think murat's cute. cause everyone does. and nick's pretty gorgeous as well. the other day i took him shopping and i practically made him buy this shirt, it was gray and it had a black outline of a tank then underneath it said "you very much" WHICH IS ADORABLE ON A RUSSIAN BY THE WAY. :DDDD

yeah, my brother's leaving for college this weekend. it's going to be so weird when he's gone. he's changed so much in the last six months. he's lost like seventy pounds and started having a crazy social life & a girlfriend. craaaazzzy. and he just got home and i thought one of his friends was in the house because he was wearing one of those sporty jackets. it threw me for a loop, i'm like "where'd my real brother go?"

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August 7th, 2006
[ mood | contemplative ]

today i went to nashua with nicolay, akop & sechi. it was fun for awhile.

only three more days until i get my license back! yay.

i really want a boyfriend. i'm getting so desperate. it's really sad. i'm hanging out with sean & jenn tomorrow, it'll be kind of awkward. third wheel, oh yeah. 8D

last night andre and i went to hubbardston, which is the town i used to live in, in massachusetts. yeah, we dropped by our neighbor's house and they invited us in for dinner. it was really random but they seemed glad to see us again. it was an awesome blast from the past, the second i walked in i remembered the smell of their house and it made me feel like a little kid again. and we hadn't seen them in about seven years so we had a lot of catching up to do. and devin, this girl i used to play with when i was little started asking andre all these questions, "you still launch model rockets?" awww. ze good old days. she goes to college in maine now, hopefully i'll be able to see her sometime.

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July 27th, 2006
[ mood | crappy ]

i want to go to france and teach english as a second language. apparently you can do that for two years, after college, even if you don't know the language of the country you're going to. apparently that's not a prerequisite for doing that. but anyways, my french will gradually improve (or so i hope) cause i'll be living there, then i'll probably just stay, cause i've had enough of it here. so come & visit me in my french chateau.

i wish i loved my country half as much as murat loves his. <333.

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